What will be the budget ?
Ans. Budget can be discussed after visiting the site and after meeting and discussing what all is needed and knowing the requirements .

What are your charges / fees ?
Ans. charges varies and depends what you looking for – only designing / Designing with supervision / Designing supervision with Execution.

Company Background & Experience ?
Ans. 23 Yes Experience with 300 Sites in Profile completed, all mention on PPT or Web site. www.versatileinterior.com

Site Visit charges & Plan charges ?
Ans. No charges for first site visit and discussing and 1st Plan . ( They have to visit out office to see the free 1st copy of plan and brief quotation.)

Need to discuss details and technical aspect ?
Ans. Need to talk to our technical team , they will clear your doubts.

How do we go about it … ?
Ans. first we have a personal meeting and know your requirements , then we take measurements of your premises then we show you the proposed layout, then we discuss budgets and prepare a estimate, and then we freeze on plan and proceed with designing & execution.

Do we do projects in there location ?
Ans. we do projects PAN India , anywhere in Mumbai or anywhere in India with same quality.

Services we provide with execution ?
Civil, Pop, Gypsum, Electrical, Security, Networking,MS/ SS fabrication , Air-conditioning, Wooden, Painting Plumbing, Wall Art, Wall Papers, Accessories, Furnishings. Etc.